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Geriatric hematology
A Challenge for Today and the Future
Hematology & Geriatrics dialogue

Connecting Hematologists and Geriatricians to improve the cancer treatment and care in older patients.

Please visit www.hem-ger.be to learn more about the management of hematology challenges for older patients and to participate in Continuing Education activities

Editorial board
email: editorial@hem-ger.be
  • Prof. Dr. Dominique Bron
    Dpt. Hematology - Institut Bordet - Brussels
  • Prof. Dr. Michel Delforge
    Dpt. Hematology - UZ Leuven
  • Dr. Marie Maerevoet
    Dpt. Hematology – Cliniques Universitaires de Bruxelles– Erasme
  • Prof. Dr. Lucien Noens
    Dpt. Hematology- Ghent University Hospital
  • Prof. Dr. Mirko Petrovic
    Dpt. Geriatrics - Ghent University Hospital
  • Dr. Marie-Claire Van Nes
    Geriatrician - Member of Elderly Task Force - EORTC and SIOGG
  • Dr. Anja Velghe
    Dpt. Geriatrics - Ghent University Hospital

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Management of older Haematological Patients
Scope of the Problem
A Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment - CGA
Possible advantages of CGA in geriatric oncology
Highlights of the Conference Blood Cancer in the older patients
European Expert Forum
Rome – 18-20 march 2011
"Journal Watch" and Literature review Hematological & older patients
Dr.Van Nes

Older patients are currently under-treated in everyday clinical practice and under-represented in clinical trials. This project looks to drive widespread change to ensure quality of care for everyone, whatever their chronological age.
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